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Vino Tino x 1
Dancing Flame x 1
Senorio de Arnedo x 1
Complimentary wine opener & wooden storage box x 1

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Package includes
Vino Tino x 1
Dancing Flame x 1
Senorio de Arnedo x 1
Complimentary wine opener & wooden storage box x 1

Vino Tino

Imported from Argentina

Alcohol: 11.5% vol


Origins from the fifth largest wine producer – Argentina, Vino Tino is finely crafted with the new and classic wine brewing technology. The combination of high altitude and low humidity in Argentina makes the wine produced is rarely affected by insects or grape disease, this also ensures the good quality of the wine.

Vino Tino has a dedicated taste, smooth texture, and lightweight. Suitable to pair with any meat whether red meat, chicken, or seafood.

Body: Light-Medium Bodied, soft tannins

Smell & Taste: Fruity, Cherry and Plum

Food Pairing: Red meats (Beefsteak, Ribs), fish, chicken, cheese dishes

Recommended Group: Beginner, suitable for daily consumption or any casual occasions

Senorio de Arnedo

Imported from Spain

Alcohol: 13% vol

Spain has a long wine-making history since the Roman period. At end of the 20th century, the reclamation of vineyards and modernization of wineries rapid the growth of the industry. The Spain weather is relatively warm, making the full taste of Senorio de Arnedo.

Suitable to pair with food especially red meats, cheese, dessert, or chocolate

Dancing Flame Merlot by LFE

Dancing Flame wines take their inspiration from the lava and flames that can be seen erupting from the many volcanoes that are dotted along the length of the Chilean Andes. There are 500 or active volcanoes in Chile of which Ojos del Salado, at a height of 6,981 meters (20,960ft) is the highest in the world and was last active in 1993.

This wine has been crafted from grapes sourced from the prime locations of Chile’s Valle Central. The grapes were gently harvested and vinified at our state-of-the-art winey by our multi-award-winning wine-making team.

Body: Medium-Full Bodied, high tannin

Smell & Taste: Balanced taste between fruit and woods, smooth plum and black cherry

Food Pairing: Variety of red and white meats dishes or pasta

Recommended Group: Beginner, suitable for any casual occasion